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How to design your canvas shoes. Using Sharpie permanent markers and rubbing alcohol for a tie dye effect.
How to make a Sundial. Try this easy outdoor, nature, educational project with your kids!
Make edible candy necklaces and bracelets! Jewelry made from candy! The perfect camping, road trip, kids party or grouchy kid solution!
How to make a ribbon mobile /windsock for indoors or outdoors. Great for baby's room or party decoration.
Make a blanket or quilt ladder to store and beautifully display them. This DIY will show you how easy and inexpensive it is to make this home décor item.
Make a Tic Tac Toe Board Game! A scrap of wood and ten stones and you have a super easy wood project!
Super easy Kids Craft! Cardboard Spiral with Gems makes a great craft for kids of all ages. Daycare or Camp Project for Party Decorations.
How to make Amazing Memory Wire Bracelets. Just wire, beads and pliers are needed. Its so simple children can make these. Its a great gift idea or an item kids can make and sell.
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